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CN-2686139-Y: 电子卡连接器 patent, CN-2686405-Y: Convenient cosmetics box patent, CN-2687391-Y: Easily-replaceable radiating fan device patent, CN-2687572-Y: Heat insulated water tank patent, CN-2688440-Y: Laser angle welding joint gas protector patent, CN-2688583-Y: Kicking lock of vehicle patent, CN-2688693-Y: Floating sewage purifying cabin patent, CN-2689067-Y: 一种采用鼓泡床燃烧方式的稻壳炭化炉 patent, CN-2689419-Y: 油浸全磁屏蔽空心电抗器 patent, CN-2689437-Y: 一种电器控制装置 patent, CN-2690113-Y: Spanners for drill holder patent, CN-2690591-Y: Displacement regulator for electric pump wellhead patent, CN-2690657-Y: 球笼式等速万向节 patent, CN-2690699-Y: Energy saving long life pules electromagnetic valve controlled by switch power patent, CN-2691143-Y: 非晶硅(多晶硅)家用小型太阳能发、用电装置 patent, CN-2691296-Y: Silicon rubber brassiere having adhering rubber film patent, CN-2691535-Y: 外科手术用引流纱布 patent, CN-2691830-Y: Frame type mould locking force sensor patent, CN-2692098-Y: 一体化皮带输送机桁架 patent, CN-2692376-Y: 高压清洗机多功能柱塞泵 patent, CN-2692611-Y: Full counterflow type cooling tower patent, CN-2693663-Y: 磁吸带封盖盒 patent, CN-2694133-Y: 一种暖气炉炉盖 patent, CN-2695036-Y: 半自动高压脉冲水枪 patent, CN-2695499-Y: Water-saving toilet system of internal circulation flushing patent, CN-2696121-Y: Stacking fin type heat sink patent, CN-2697158-Y: 窖井排水器 patent, CN-2697252-Y: Roller pin lifting pulley for heavy loading patent, CN-2697816-Y: 彩色显像管静特性检测设备上的除尘装置 patent, CN-2698594-Y: A push type propelling pencil structure with improved switching arrangement patent, CN-2699842-Y: 血管穿刺孔止血器 patent, CN-2700009-Y: 一种粉体分级装置 patent, CN-2700837-Y: Flow sensor for automatic flow metering of oil spout pump experimental bench patent, CN-2701012-Y: 拉手广告发光牌 patent, CN-2701306-Y: Knapsack rain-proof cover patent, CN-2703451-Y: 一种家具用滑轨 patent, CN-2704063-Y: 热插拔磁盘模组(三) patent, CN-2704459-Y: 一种可折叠的立方体编织托盘 patent, CN-2704784-Y: Cool and hot water apparatus set of assembled central air conditioner patent, CN-2705047-Y: Castor of slide wheel luggage box patent, CN-2705082-Y: 摇篮 patent, CN-2705174-Y: Air inflation automatic bag type transfusion system patent, CN-2705207-Y: Golf training device patent, CN-2705807-Y: 全方位视觉传感器 patent, CN-2705953-Y: Low voltage power line data communication system patent, CN-2706115-Y: 蒸汽沐足桶 patent, CN-2706169-Y: 床单位消毒器 patent, CN-2706757-Y: 微小元件高速外观检查机 patent, CN-2707232-Y: 一种自动多功能床 patent, CN-2707558-Y: 浮动油缸双摆杆车厢前移式自卸车举升机构 patent, CN-2707645-Y: Sucking tube inter-planted type environmental protection ring-pull can patent, CN-2708487-Y: 高灵敏度小型继电器 patent, CN-2708899-Y: Abdominal cavity drain patent, CN-2710141-Y: 双档热敏电源开关 patent, CN-2711269-Y: Water-saving control device for toilet bowl with radio infrared patent, CN-2711438-Y: 金属床之横杆与边杆的联接结构 patent, CN-2712314-Y: 用电磁炉改进的医用无创伤电磁感应式热-磁疗器 patent, CN-2712594-Y: Big water gap general purpose die carrier for plastic articles patent, CN-2712713-Y: Special-purpose vehicle for advertisement patent, CN-2714617-Y: 耐久型抗疲劳冷热铸锚拉索 patent, CN-2716529-Y: 远红外线省油加速器结构改良 patent, CN-2716682-Y: 一种燃气炉具 patent, CN-2717474-Y: Controllable steel wire rope gliding device patent, CN-2718839-Y: 电连接器 patent, CN-2718903-Y: Anti-shunt running circuit in electric energy metering chip patent, CN-2720257-Y: Improved structure of decorative plate of ceiling lamp edge-frame patent, CN-2720263-Y: Steam generator patent, CN-2721074-Y: 一种移动式简易厕所 patent, CN-2721315-Y: 实验室专用立式砂轮磨样机 patent, CN-2722210-Y: 拱形预应力电子汽车衡 patent, CN-2722413-Y: Switch changing-over basement patent, CN-2722917-Y: Disposable newborn sputum aspiration tube patent, CN-2723145-Y: Two purpose hair dressing scissers patent, CN-2723305-Y: 一种自行车转向锁的锁紧件 patent, CN-2723452-Y: Shuttle type coke oven patent, CN-2723584-Y: 一种纯天然材料的石膏天花板 patent, CN-2724495-Y: 一种抗菌杯 patent, CN-2724993-Y: 一种自动印刷机的印刷滚筒 patent, CN-2725637-Y: External speed changing electric rotary drum patent, CN-2726520-Y: 门诊型电子内窥镜 patent, CN-2726526-Y: Electrode cap for brain wave collection system patent, CN-2727417-Y: Exhaust section regulating mechanism for muffler exhaust pipe patent, CN-2727462-Y: Automatic controlled combined gas sealing system patent, CN-2727909-Y: Composite aluminium foil patent, CN-2728097-Y: 中频数字调制解调器 patent, CN-2728116-Y: Folding handset with elastic switch patent, CN-2728201-Y: 一种植草板 patent, CN-2728582-Y: 变向风车 patent, CN-2729139-Y: Snow melting power vehicle with gas turbine patent, CN-2731956-Y: 一种电动工具 patent, CN-2735110-Y: Novel inflating valve patent, CN-2735338-Y: Device for testing soil pickup degree of automobile inner decorations patent, CN-2735518-Y: Minitype current transformer for breaking device patent, CN-2736465-Y: Reinforced composite applique floor patent, CN-2737593-Y: Electric actuating device for control of vehicle air conditioner system patent, CN-2738258-Y: Electronic type electric energy meter capable of improving current sample resistance patent, CN-2740753-Y: Reeling and sunshading thermal insulative curtain patent, CN-2741129-Y: Multifunctional time zone tool for studying in morning or evening patent, CN-2742479-Y: 组合控制阀 patent, CN-2742719-Y: 一种船载直升机灯光助降装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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